Digital Ink Immersion

FULL immersion digital inking starts TERM 4.

  This means no writing on paper for Years 7 to 9! Make sure your screens and stylus are working. Remember, we are learning and practicing a new skill that will help improve note taking organisation. This takes, TIME, EFFORT and PERSISTENCE.   If you need a new stylus, then jump online with your parents or…

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New research underlines the power of the pen in learning

Written by Microsoft early July, the article (linked below) details the power that the digital pen has in relation to 21st Century Learning. The researchers conclude that rich sensory-motor experiences seem to facilitate learning, or put simply, it is the physical movement of the pen that makes the difference. The movement is picked up by…

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The Power of the Digital Pen

Year 9 Students in Maths; Riley, Monique and Stephanie At time of publication, with only 7 weeks before the end of Term 3, this is the critical time for families of our Year 7-9 students to ensure that their tablet devices are prepared for full integration. As explored in last weeks post, beginning and throughout term…

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