A day in court!

Oscar Mild admits that he stabbed Ammon Bitar with a knife to the chest and has been charged with murder.


Oscar argues that he is not guilty of murder because his actions were in self-defence under s 322K of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic). This predicament is called a moot. A moot refers to an issue that remains unsettled and therefore is open to argument or debate. One party may argue that there is evidence to suggest Oscar did not act in self-defence while another will argue that he did. These are the types of questions that legal practitioners have to answer on a daily basis.


Eight (8) students from our year 11 legal studies went to La Trobe University to compete in a moot court. The students took part in simulated court proceedings and had to hold their nerves as they presented their oral arguments to a presiding judge. Although it is simulated, the students had to demonstrate professional conduct while following appropriate court procedure and have an in-depth knowledge of previous cases and relevant laws.


We sent two teams

St. Helena 1 consisted of; Christopher Gardner, Ellorie Mercer, Kaisha Piscopo, and Hana Elhammamy.

St. Helena 2 consisted of; Maddison Drew, Katy Gale, Jesse Groves, and Molly Hodgson.


On the whole, the students did extremely well, St. Helena Team 1 was awarded ‘Best Research’ for their efforts and strong knowledge of the cases and the law. Katy Gale in team 2 was also awarded the ‘Best Advocate’ of the entire day which is an amazing honour for her and the school. There are thirty-five (35) schools in total and four (4) teams went on to compete in the Federal Court.


Although, St. Helena did not have the opportunity to go on to compete at the Federal Court but as a school community we should recognise the efforts of the students involved and congratulate them on the extra work they put in to take part in this competition and represent the school’s legal studies subject in the best possible way.


This extension activity in VCE Legal Studies is part of a series of extra-curricular workshops that VCE Humanities teachers are encouraging students in their classes to participate in. These workshops delve deeper into specific areas of study for their VCE. In developing the relationship St Helena Secondary College has with La Trobe University we are aiming to provide our students with highly engaging activities that allow a deeper understanding of their current VCE material as well as allowing our students to familiarise themselves with the university and their courses.


Conor Anderson

Humanities and VCE Business Management/Legal Studies

Specialist Support – Middle School

Award for best research
St Helena Team 1
Live Mooting
St. Helena Team 2
Katy - Best Advocate