Year 12 Celebrations 2017!

On 19th October, the Class of 2017 celebrated their last official day of school!

The day started with lots of colour and an array of costumes ranging from Jamaican bobsledders to Mean Girls to superheroes.

There was food galore! Students prepared and enjoyed sumptuous breakfasts while listening to favourite tunes, followed by more food in the form of a grand, rich, celebration cake at recess. The assembly was action packed (to say the least); there was lively musical entertainment, Family Feud, St Helena Has Got Talent and the Student Leaders conveyed much gratitude to peers and teachers. Lunch involved more food; a traditional St Helena feast of potato cake rolls! Towards the end of lunchtime, St Helena students watched and farewelled the Class of 2017 as they paraded, for the last time, through the Agora. There were mixed emotions- tears of joy for having finally reached the end of 13 years of attending classes and wearing uniform and tears of sadness at the realisation that this stage of their school life was actually over.

The celebrations continued of course at the gala event –The Year 12 Formal. It was a wonderful evening! The students arrived in limos and other fancy vehicles and looked absolutely glamorous as they entered the beautiful venue at The Manor on High. They ate, they danced, took lots of photos and had a great evening with their friends and teachers.

It was a week of celebrations to mark the end of school life!