School Councillors

Mr David Matoe – Parent
Mr Jonathan Martin – Parent
Ms Jaqueline Ellis – Parent
Ms Tania Blankby – Parent
Ms Heidi Crundwell – Parent
Mr Ian Mitchell – DET
Ms Christy Phillips – DET
Mr Scott McLean – DET
Ms Laura Babbage – DET
Mr John Fecondo – Community
Mrs Lexia Collins – Community
Ms Elise Desira – Student
Mr Nathan Cahill – Student
Ms Karen Terry – Executive Officer
Mr Anesti Anestis – Non Voting
Mr John Ballagh – Non Voting
Ms Jenny Heathcote – Non voting
Mr Ross McDonald – Non Voting

FEBRUARY Monday 20-Feb-17 Resources 6:30pm
College Council 7.00pm
MARCH Monday 6-Mar-17 Education/Student Wellbeing 6.30pm
Labour Day Monday 13 March
Monday 27-Mar-17 Resources 6.30pm
College Council – changeover 7.00pm
TERM 1 BREAK 1 April to 17 April
Good Friday 14 April
Easter Sunday 16 April
Anzac Day 25 April
MAY Monday 1-May-17 Education/Student Wellbeing 6.30pm
Monday 22-May-17 Resources 6.30pm
College Council 7.00pm
Queen’s Birthday  Monday 12 June
JUNE Monday 19-Jun-17 Resources 6.30pm
College Council – Annual Reporting 7.00pm
TERM 2 BREAK 01 July to 16 July
JULY Monday 24-Jul-17 Resources 6:30pm
College Council 7.00pm
AUGUST Monday 7-Aug-17 Education/Student Wellbeing 6.30pm
Monday 21-Aug-17 Resouces 6.30pm
College Council 7.00pm
SEPTEMBER Monday 18-Sep-17 Resources 6.30pm
College Council 7.00pm
TERM 3 BREAK 23 Sept to 8 October
OCTOBER Monday 23-Oct-17 Resources 6:30pm
College Council 7.00pm
Melb Cup 3 November
NOVEMBER Monday 6-Nov-17 Education/Student Wellbeing 6.30pm
Monday 20-Nov-17 Resources 6.30pm
College Council 7.30pm
TERM 4 BREAK 23 Dec to 28 Jan 2018





College Play Thur 4 May, Fri 5 May, Sat 6 May 7pm
College Showcase Mon 20 & Tue 21 March Mon – 5 & 7pm & Tue – 9:30am
Music Concert Mon 26 June 7pm
College Musical Thur 24 Aug – VIP Night 6.00pm
Music Concert Tues 19 Sept
Art Show TBC  
Yr 12 Valedictory Fri 20 Oct 6:30pm
Yr 12 Graduation Wed 22 Nov TBC  
Music Concert Mon 27 Nov 7pm
Volunteer Garden Party Mon 11 Dec
College Presentation Night Mon 18 Dec