The following programs are open to all students who wish to be involved with extra curricular activities.
Anime Mange Club
Athletics Carnival
Better You, Jiu-Jitsu!
Board Games
Bonsai Club
Boys Talk
Chess Club
College Musical
College Play
Confident Kids
Dance club
Debutante Balls
Dr Who Club
Drama Club
Epic Sporting Moments Club
Expression:  English Anthology
Fitness Club
Girls Talk
Great Victorian Bike Ride
ICT Ninja Team
Instrumental Music  including bands
Interschool Sport
Junior School Play (Afflatus)
Local Artist Workshop
Minecraft Club
Prodigy (Art magazine)
Rock and Water
Science Week
Scriptwriting Club
Seasons Grief and Loss Program
St Helena Feminist Collective
Swimming Carnival
The Outer Edge (Duke of Edinburgh/CFA – Year 9)
Vinyl Appreciation Club
Wakakirri Challenge