Our Enrolment Processes

Enrolment Criteria

St Helena Secondary College is a school with both an ‘Enrolment Ceiling’ and a ‘Restricted Neighbourhood Zone’ which means that we are both limited in the number of students that we can accommodate and that we have an area around the College from inside which we are required to give applicants priority.

Applications for enrolment into all year levels are therefore considered very carefully against, and in order of, the following criteria:

1st.   Inside Restricted Neighbourhood Zone (RNZ)

Applicants will supply three pieces of evidence that they permanently reside inside the RNZ and who must be offered a place if provided. Please see information on ‘Proof of Residence’.

2nd.  Sibling Rights

Applicants who live with a sibling who will be attending St Helena Secondary College at the same time and if spaces are available.

3rd.   Nearest Residential Address Outside of Restricted Neighbourhood Zone

Applicants who live outside the RNZ and who may be allocated a place, where available, if they live at a closer straight-line distance from their driveway to the College main driveway on Wallowa Rd. than another applicant living outside the RNZ. Applicants should also note information on ‘Specific Curriculum Grounds’.

Specific Curriculum Grounds

Specific Curriculum Grounds’ are used by the college to allocate enrolment in circumstances where different applicants live at the same distance outside the RNZ. If you live outside the RNZ, you must complete a Specific Curriculum Grounds’ form (as well as your ‘Proof of Residence’ form) demonstrating that attending St Helena Secondary College will be of significantly greater educational benefit to your child than attending the school at which they currently have right of entry.

Proof of Residence

To ensure fairness and accuracy in making enrolment determinations all applicants in the 1st & 3rd groups (above) will be required to provide copies of the following as evidence of their permanent residential address:

  • current utilities bill, AND
  • rates notice or lease agreement (of min. 12months) AND
  • Parent’s Driver’s Licence.

These should be attached to a completed ‘Proof of Residence’ form and delivered or mailed to the College.

6-7 Enrolment Applications:

All Grade 6 to 7 enrolment applications are managed according to the Department of Education and Training timeline and policies. Students in Grade 6 are required to apply for Year 7 placement through their Primary School. As St Helena has both a restricted neighbourhood zone and an enrolment ceiling, we are required to collect extra information concerning proof of residence and specific curriculum grounds (if applicable) directly from families. This information can be found in the ‘Grade 6 – 7 Enrolment Information’ section. or by clicking here.

Parents and students will be informed of their placement by their Primary School. Any enrolment applications for Year 7 after this date should follow the ‘All other Enrolment Applications’ processes outlined below.

All other Enrolment Applications

Any applicant wishing to enroll at any time other than during the normal Grade 6-7 enrolment process will be required to attend an interview with the appropriate Mini School Principal. Families should provide a copy of the most recent semester report and contact details of the most appropriate person at their previous school. The Mini School Principal will make contact with the previous school before making any offer of enrolment. The purpose of this process is to ensure enrolling at the College is in the best interests of the student and that all necessary supports can be put in place, if required. Please complete the ‘Consideration for Enrolment’ form in the ‘All other Enrolment Applications’ section of this web-site.



All enrolment enquiries should be made to Ms Coral Ward: 9438 8500 – cwd@sthelena.vic.edu.au.

All enrolment documentation should also be delivered or mailed for the attention of:

Ms Coral Ward – Enrolment Officer

St Helena Secondary College,

Wallowa Road,

Eltham North

Vic, 3095