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Uniform Policy – 

Please click here to see the Hair Policy
Please click here to see the Uniform Policy


New Uniforms –

can be purchased in the Bob Stewart Shop on the College grounds in the Senior School Courtyard. Entry is via the front driveway. A full list of opening times can be found via Compass or via Bob Stewart web site: http://www.bobstewart.com.au

Click on St Helena Icon and open pdf or click here on link. st-helena-2017-price-list.pdf


As an alternative

Second Hand Uniforms –

may be purchased from the Second Hand Uniform store which helps raise much needed funds for Student Wellbeing. As your child grows out of their uniform, these  may also be donated to the store. Details of opening times, prices and donation sheets are available on Compass including options for the purchase of footwear.


New text books –

are generally ordered as e-books through JACplus. Contact the College for more details if necessary.

Stationary and novels for English can be purchased through either North of the Yarra Book Store: 52-56 Strathallan Rd, Macleod Phone:(03) 9458 4749, or a store of your choice.



As an alternative

Second Hand Books –

may be purchased through the 2nd Hand Book Store located near the uniform store in the Senior School Courtyard. Sales from this store also support  the college work with student wellbeing. Details regarding donations of books can be found via Compass.


Details, forms and further information on all of the above information can be found via Compass. To locate this, log into the school’s Compass site, click on the people icon: School Documentation: Student Resources – then the folder relevant to the information or forms required.