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Computers that do not meet the minimum College technical specifications are NOT accepted on the Network.

Orders placed by 15th of November will be available for pick up on 6th of December (after Year 7 Orientation). You will receive an email with confirmed details. 

Laptop orders placed by the 5th of December 2016 will be available for pick up(depending on the Estimated Delivery Time upon laptop order) on the 20th of December Tuesday from 9:30 am - 11:30 am only at ST7.

Orders placed by 3rd January 2017 will be available for pick up early 2017, please wait for a confirmed email with more information. 

Dates subject to change, due to stock levels and requirements

We believe that it is important to prepare students for the world of work that they will enter when they complete study. The Committee for the Economic Development of Australia report titled Australia's Future Workforce? estimates that 40% of current Australian jobs will be replaced by automation in the next 10 to 20 years. Our aim is to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to thrive in this environment. Technology alone will not improve our students' learning. However, this technology combined with changes in teaching practice and whole-school organisation,  research shows that positive effects begin to emerge. We are committed to developing our teaching practice to make the most of the opportunities offered by this environment taking advantage of ICT. The development of the college's teaching, learning and organisation is therefore shared effort between staff, students and parents which we believe will increase engagement, organisation, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking in our students.

Why does my child need a Tablet computer?

Handwriting is still a very important skill. VCE exams are  handwritten and will continue to be in the near future.  Trials have began on computer based assesments using tablet based technology.

  • Notetaking is a critical learning skill. Whilst many students can touch type, drawing and labelling diagrams, completing Maths and Science problems is much easier on Tablet computer.
  • A touch screen device with an active stylus provides greater natural interaction with the learning programs
  • Our curriculum has been created and delivered using OneNote.  Students can complete their responses to tasks in this space- no need to carry folders and paper workbooks!! Teachers can see every students completion of work and leave different types of feedback: written, audio, video, and hyperlinks to additional resources. It is the ultimate digital workbook / portfolio for students.
  • The workbook is stored online and can be reorganised and tagged according to the learners needs. OneNote pages can be linked to outlook mail that send alerts and reminders for homework.
  • The majority of the learning resources are electronic including ebooks.  Theses are often interactive that require the use of touch and pen based technology. Worksheets such as word documents can be completed and answered handwritten and stored online.