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Maths Curriculum

Specific Curriculum Information

  • In Year 7 the topics covered are: Whole number patterns, Number patterns and symbols, Fractions, Expressions, symbols and rules, Shapes and construction, Decimals, length-time and mass, Equations, Coordinates maps and networks, Statistics and Probability.
  • In Year 7 ACE, the topics covered are: Number Skills, Measurement, Fractions and Decimals, Geometry and Transformations, Integers, Algebra, Equations, Probability, Statistics and Coordinate Graphs.
  • In Year 8 the topics covered are: Number skills, Directed number, Geometry, Algebra symbols, Percentages, Venn Diagrams and probability, Equations, Area and volume, Indices, Ratio, Transformations and Cartesian coordinates.
  • In Year 8 ACE, the topics covered are: Measurement, Pythagoras, Indices, Expansion & Factorisation, Geometry, Ratio/Rates, Linear equations and graphing, Consumer Maths, Probability and Statistics.
  • In Year 9 the topics covered are: Pythagoras, Geometry, Linear Equations, Graphing, Indices, Measurement, Trigonometry, Expansion and Factorisation, Statistics and Probability.
  • In Year 9 ACE the topics covered are: Pythagoras 3D, Measurement, Rational and Irrational numbers, Algebra and Equations, Linear graphing, Quadratics, Trigonometry, Simultaneous equations, Indices, Statistics and Probability.
  • In Year 10 Core and Extension the common topics covered are: Measurement, Algebra, Probability, Indices and Surds, Geometry and Trigonometry. Core Maths also covers Consumer Maths and Statistics. Extension Maths also covers Quadratic Equations and Parabolas.
  • In Year 10 Foundation the topics covered are: Working with Graphs, Statistics, Geometry, Patterns and Symmetry, Measurement, Trigonometry, Running a Business and the Cost of Living. Pre-Methods is offered to Year 10 ACE students.
  • In Year 11, we offer General Mathematics Further, Mathematical Methods, General Mathematics Specialist, and Foundation Mathematics.
  • In Year 12, students can choose Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Maths.

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