Art & Technology Awards – a great night !

On Tuesday the 16th, the Art & Technology exhibition opening was a great success.
The auditorium was full with students, parents, siblings, teachers, as well as our Principal Karen Terry was joined by State local member Vicki Ward and our college president John Fercondo to acknowledge our Art & Technology students.

Amy Hyde's Oil Painting - 'With my little eye', was chosen by Ms Terry as the 2018 College Acquisition to be hung in the Main Office foyer, with all the previous years acquisitions.

Congratulations Amy!

The Art & Technology Domains gave awards to the following students and their area of studies.

Year 7 - Emile Loewenguth
Year 8 - Keely Doherty
Year 9 - Aggi-May Boyd
Year 10 - Imogen Dixon
Units 1&2 Art - Andrew Farinaccia & Charlotte Wagner
Units 1&2 Studio Arts - Sophie Roth & Chanel Langdon
Units 1&2 Visual Communication Design - Paris Thomson
Units 1&2 Media - Renee Picciani
Units 3&4 Art - Christian Mignuoli
Units 3&4 Studio Arts - Katy Gale
Units 3&4 Visual Communication Design - Hana Elhammamy
Units 3&4 Media - Luca Mignuoli


Year 9 Textiles - Bronwyn Knight

Units 1&2 Systems Engineering - Joshua Farrar

Units 3&4 Systems Engineering - Jason Dhillon

Units 3&4 Product Design Technology - Textiles - Amy Hyde

Units 3&4 Product Design Technology - Textiles Highly Commended - Melissa Despotellis

VET Auto - Mitchell Edwards

VET Auto Encouragement - Nyah Campbell