RIVER BLINDNESS : Wikipedia site, but links are excellent : World Health Organization site : River Blindness and its public health significance. : Onchocerciasis : a common, chronic, multisystemic disease caused by the nematode Onchocerca volvulus. : River Blindness home page : River blindness is an eye and skin disease caused by a tiny worm called onchocerca volvulus, which is spread by the bite of an infected blackfly. ... : site includes factsheet / specific to Africa : looks at the River Blindness Program in Africa ; U.N. site. Looks at success in fight against River Blindness in Africa : site of Canada International Developement Agency : River Blindness success in West Africa : World bank site ; good overview of River Blindness and programs operating at present : very informative ; good overview : Site of " Science Daily"

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GENERAL : The US National Institutes of Health provide links to stem cell information including a primer on basic facts about stem cells and issues related to stem cell research. : The National Institutes of Health resource for stem cell research

AND : From the University of Utah, this site contains gives an introduction to stem cells, describes different types of stem cells, stem cell therapies and research. Some of the sections contain interactive games. Suitable for interactive whiteboards ; This Teachers' Domain science unit on cells, for upper secondary students, has information and multimedia resources on related topics such as proteins, cell division, genes, differentiation, structure, DNA, photosynthesis, etc. The site also has lessons plans on cell replication, cancerous cells, cell structure, muscles and mitochondria, protein synthesis and stem cell research. ; A summary of recent issues and events related to human embryonic stem cell research, and an extensive collection of links. : stem cell policy :  world stem cell map


AUSTRALIA   : The Australian Stem Cell Centre is the largest most comprehensive stem cell research organisation in Australia : Official site of Biotechnology online : Lifting  of stem cell ban by Obama : Aust scientists develop stem cell survival technique : BBC news site


ETHICS OF STEM CELL RESEARCH   : Stem cells obtained ethically from adult tissue and umbilical cord blood are used in 72 human conditions already : Biotechnology online : Hot topic: The ethics of stem cell research ... and the regulation of stem cell use in Australia, Europe and the United States is outlined. ... : It is an update of Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Information Sheet : Ethics of Stem Cell Research : Ethics Committee (AHEC) in the conduct of research in Australia ...

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CANCER - THE DISEASE       :Inside Cancer explores human cancer. Sections of the website include the causes and prevention of cancer, its diagnosis and treatment and how the disease develops. Suitable for interactive whiteboard. : The US National Cancer Institute has devised an inquiry-based instruction program, Cell Biology and Cancer for high school students. The program introduces students to major concepts related to the development and impact of cancer and conveys to students the relationship between basic biomedical research and the improvement of personal and public health. Activities include the faces of cancer, cancer and the cell cycle, a multistep process, evaluating claims about cancer (UV exposure) and acting on information about the disease : The US National Cancer Institute has carried out research into cancer, human physiology, genetics and cell biology. Their website provides information about types of cancer, a dictionary of cancer terms and cancer topics fact sheets. : The Cancer Council of NSW provides information for victims of cancer. Topics include diagnosis, treatment and support for cancer patients. : The National Breast Cancer Centre of Australia website provide information about breast cancer. Topics on the site include types of cancer, early detection, risk factors, diagnosis, living with cancer, treatment options, frequently asked questions etc. : This webpage provides a history of cancer and cancer research. Information includes early treatment of cancer, research into various causes, cancer epidemiology, research pioneers, treatments and the impact of modern biology

and: : The Cancer Council Australia provides information about the disease, prevention, research and statistics. : The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare provides a useful website on the nature of cancer. The site includes statistics on the incidence of cancer, cancer screening and frequently asked questions. :The Cancer Council Victoria provides this website to support its function in leading, co-ordinating, implementing and evaluating action to minimise the human cost of cancer. The website has a facts and figures section as well as information for students and teachers. : The Anti-Cancer Foundation of South Australia aims to prevent cancer through research and education, early detection and enhance the quality of life for people living with cancer. It contains cancer fact and statistics. : Fact sheet type information about various types of cancer in the USA : Detailed list of cancer sites. : Information about various types of cancer from a large medical research centre in the USA. : Science Daily site. This site usually has all the latest research re. Cancer and cancer research

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 : Chapter three of the House of Lords, Stem Cell Research Report provides findings on the relative advantages and disadvantages of embryonic stem cells compared with adult stem cells for the development of stem cell-based therapies : As a public service, the ISSCR provides this page to assist readers who wish to inquire into the moral debate concerning embryonic stem cell research. The International Society for Stem Cell Research has published information about the ethics of human stem cell research and the use of stems cells in medicine