On Thursday 22 November, 20 of the most proactive and committed Year 9 R3 students had the unique opportunity to get a personalised tour of the Channel 9 Dockland Studio’s by 9 News Reader Peter Hitchener.

This great opportunity came about thanks to the wonderful work of 3 student Emma Chisholm, Aisha Goddard and Jessie Weisheit who not only followed, but lived the subject’s values of relevance, relationships, responsibility. They took a chance and where rewarded with not only this excursion, but an insightful and professionally conducted 10-minute interview with Peter Hitchener about our wonderful city.

During the excursion Mr. Hitchener took our 20 students behind the scenes of Channel 9. He showed them where the news was filmed and put together, he introduced our students to many of the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes at Channel 9 and then shared with the student’s advice, stories and insights on what it takes to make it in the television industry. Mr Hitchener was incredibly gracious with his time and he went out of his way to personally connect with each student. Not only that, he also shouted the student’s morning tea out of his own pocket.

Its fair to say Mr. Hitchener now has 20 committed fans at St Helena Secondary College.

Group Shot