‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’

All St Helena students are required to attend classes with an approved tablet including an active stylus and all day battery.

Year 8
This school is all-rounded. Anyone’s welcome. It’s an accepting, caring place.
There are lots of opportunities during and after school. It’s all on offer.
There’s a great central assessment system. We have online access to the curriculum and feedback all in one place on our device.
I like limiting paper and immersing myself in IT skills – it’s the way of the future.
We get to choose the learning tool that suits us.
As soon as there’s an issue or problem, we shift.
The school listens to us. We’ve been able to influence uniform decisions and assessment schedules.
Rubrics are so important to show what specifically is required for the next level of work.
I annotate the rubrics to check I’m hitting the mark.

Laptop Order CUT OFF DATES:

For an ordered Laptop to arrive before the Orientation Day 10th December 2019:

Nov. 8 2019  for devices that have 3 to 4 weeks estimated delivery

Dec. 2 2019 for devices that have 1 to 2 weeks estimated delivery


If you want to have your Laptop before the school starts –

January 13, 2020 is the cut off date.


This enables students to access, use, create and publish digital and online information anywhere, anytime.


The Tablet PC:

·     is compact and easy to transport

·     has a touch screen, active stylus and long battery life

·     supports latest Windows versions

·     facilitates a high level of interactivity. Its highly diverse modes of use support innovative learning strategies

·     facilitates handwriting, note taking, the drawing and labelling of diagrams

·     facilitates the use of OneNote, the school’s curriculum delivery tool, and the tablet’s function as a digital workbook/portfolio

·     stores and facilitates engagement with electronic resources and learning products - ebooks, worksheets, word documents

·     facilitates personalised learning, progress monitoring and feedback

·     accommodates Compass, the school’s electronic communication system.


Note: Computers that do not meet the minimum College technical specifications are NOT accepted on the Network.


One to One Laptop Program Information

St Helena Secondary College Order Portal.

Contact our Learning With Technologies representative here.



Digital Ink Immersion

Full immersion digital inking started at St Helena in Term 4, 2016.

This means that Years 7-9 students use a screen and stylus.

 New research underlining the power of the pen in learning influenced this decision. Researchers have found that the physical movement of the pen promotes neural activity that governs all higher levels of cognitive processing and learning. Stylus technology therefore brings together the use of digital devices that foster creative, social and organisational capabilities and the sensorimotor benefits of handwriting.  


Having developed the habit of using this interface and experienced the associated advantages first hand, our students are well placed to make full use of their device going forward.



Compass is our school portal. It is the web-based school management platform students, staff and parents use to:

  • communicate
  • access information and resources
  • facilitate learning
  • post and submit tasks
  • receive feedback in real time
  • monitor learning progress
  • access reports
  • make payments
  • monitor attendance
  • manage consent/medical requirements for camps and excursions
  • order school photos
  • schedule STRIVE interviews



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