Due to the current Covid 19 siituation both St Helena VET subject and NMVC {external} VET application forms will go online.


These will be accessible after the Subject portal closes, once we have an indication of the students wanting to undertake either an internal and or external VET, your child will be enrolled into this Compass VET event, both parents and students will be alerted via compass, the online application link will be attached and details concerning full payment will be given.


VET Online form for NMVC External VET Students - click here.

Host School Forms:

Disclaimer - Any St Helena student who has applied for an external NMVC VETis Subject needs to fill in the Host application form for the respective institution they are wanting to apply for, fill out the application and email directly to Ms Di Donato so she can send to the respective school/institute. Your enrolment is finalised once this form is completed the 'Host' school approves it. Please complete no later than Friday 4th September 2020.

Click on VET Course below to open pdf.

Parade College {Preston and Bundoora}

NCAT {Preston}

BoxHill institute

Eltham College

Melbourne Polytechnic

Diamond Valley

Mill Park Secondary College

Peter Lalor Secondary


NO STUDENT/PARENT is to make direct contact to the NMVC 'Host school' instead all communication need to be done through Ms Di Donato and Ms Cunningham. All 'HOST SCHOOL' applications will be forwarded to their VET coordinator.