To develop well-rounded global citizens, who are equipped to thrive and contribute positively in the digital age.


To provide a safe, supportive context and stimulating personalised learning programs that foster in each student five key:

attributes – respect, compassion, kindness, gratitude, positivity

skills – creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication

capabilities – confidence, agility, resilience, resourcefulness, entrepreneurship

commitments – mindfulness, excellence/personal best, altruism, inclusion, longlife learning


Our values mantra: ‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’
for self, others and the college

Demonstrated by:

• honesty, self-discipline, safe choices and healthy practices

• striving for excellence

• extending courtesy, kindness and consideration

• listening and seeking to understand

• valuing diversity, inclusion and equity

• abiding by college policies, codes and agreed classroom expectations

• wearing the full school uniform correctly, with pride and a sense of ambassadorship

• participating fully in school life

• appreciating and caring for the college equipment, facilities and surroundings.

for our actions

Demonstrated by:

• fostering positive relationships

• keeping commitments

• accepting consequences

• developing confidence and self-esteem

• seeking help as necessary

• expressing care and concern through action

• actively committing to social justice, humanitarian standards and the common good.

in all we do

Demonstrated by:

• setting and working strategically toward realistic goals

• practising self-discipline, perseverance and resilience

• welcoming and responding to feedback

• using resources and managing time wisely

• using IT to advantage

• acknowledging and valuing the support others contribute to our success.

Everyone at St Helena is held to high expectations.

In matters of conduct, effort, participation and contribution, the highest level of commitment is required.

Our culture of excellence, collegiality, inclusion and continual improvement depends on it.



‘Dare to be Excellent!’ is the timeless challenge all St Helena community members accept in order to test and build the character strengths that enable us to be and continually reach for our best no matter what the endeavour. In essence, it is the injunction to muster courage, develop resilience, and hone the strategies that facilitate the realisation of continually redefined goals.

There’s a dual triumph. It’s in the process and the product; in the daring and the excelling.

It’s not about being or doing the best. It’s about being and doing your best.

It’s not about where you rank. It’s about how much progress you make.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about taking a risk, having a go and learning from mistakes.

Daring to excel is a practice we model, facilitate, inspire and celebrate.

The result for individuals and the school is continual improvement that exceeds expectation.

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