Congratulations to our talented Art & Technology Award winners!

Opening night was on the 14th October, and was a highly successful night with the auditorium full to capacity with students, parents and members of the community celebrating the achievements of our Art & Technology students.

Congratulations to our Art & Technology staff who dedicate themselves to the visual arts throughout the year as well as their commitment to staging this highly successful night and viewing week, and especially to Darianne Willmott who curates and organises the exhibition.

Mark Bambery - Arts Domain Leader

Ian Mitchell - Technology Domain Leader

Congratulations to the following winners:


Year 7: Julia Eaton

Year 8: Siena Guest

Year 9: Chloe Aloisio

Year 10: Lily Hitchins

Units 1&2:

  • Art: Kasey Watts
  • Media: Noah Ziebarth
  • Studio Arts: Asher Parker
  • Visual Communicatiion Design: Bronwyn Knight

Units 3&4:

  • Art: Andrew Farinaccia
  • Media: Chloe Cooledge & Jacob Niceforo
  • Studio Arts: Molly Hodgson
  • Visual Communication Design: Daniel Bueker



Year 9 Textiles: Briony Merkel

Year 10:

  • Technology: Dorsa Farahnaky
  • Tech - Encouragement: Aggi Boyd
  • Tech - Encouragement: Zoe Draper
  • Textiles: Lily Hitchins

Units 1&2:

  • Systems Engineering: Conner Van Buiten
  • Systems - Encouragement: Nathan Colebatch

Units 3&4:

  • PDP-Textiles: Sarah Smyth
  • PDP - Textiles - Encouragement: Caitlin Murray
  • Systems Engineering: Michael Parissis
  • Systems - Encouragement: Jarrod Bannister


  • Building & Construction: Nathan Wickes
  • B&C-Encouragement: Lance Boothroyd