‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’


Year 7
SHSC has endless possibilities. It encourages growth in lots of directions. It keeps linking on and on.
I love the music program; expressing myself through music.
The transition camp was great. We met people in cabin groups, at meal times and through activities.
In one of the activities I got stuck knee high in mud!
We use laptops most of the time. They’re really good.
We get merits to recognise and celebrate achievements in our work.
In STRIVE we talk about behaviour – how to work well as a group and how to work through things in our form that aren’t working well.
If you’re daring to be excellent you put in extra effort and push yourself to the limit. It’s like pushing through a hard barrier – you have to win the dare. Doing that makes you feel stronger inside.
In art, for example, I got 100% even though a technology problem meant all my work was deleted and I had to do it all over again.
SHSC is a caring school. We need to remember we are extremely lucky to have all we have: food, water, technology. Having plenty means we have a common responsibility to help others.
We’re encouraged to walk in the shoes of other people; to appreciate their needs and respond in ways we can.

Student Leadership/Student Voice

Student Voice is integral to the decision making processes at St Helena. There is a whole school commitment to empowering students and providing forums for discussion, input and feedback. This fosters leadership development and the outworking of our values: respect, responsibility and personal best.

The appointment of external applicants for teaching positions includes being interviewed by a panel of student representatives. Their comments and conclusions are factored into decisions made by the selection panel.

Leadership Roles

Students are elected annually to the following roles:

College Captains - 4

As representatives of the student body the Captains (2) and Vice Captains (2) are expected to model the college values, represent the school at events on and off campus, lead the SRC and actively contribute as School Council members.

Color Captains – 2 per domain portfolio, usually including:

  • The Arts: Dance, Performing Arts, Music
  • Sport
  • Service
  • Debating
  • Technology/eLearning

These leaders provide a link between the student body and the domain leaders. They assist in the organisation of domain related events.

Year Level Captains - 2 per year level

These students voice the ideas, opinions and thoughts of their year level peers at weekly meetings.

They help lead level assemblies, organise year level events and are alert to the needs of their cohorts.

STRIVE Captains - 2 per Form Group

The role involves SRC membership and undertaking form duties including reading out the Daily Bulletin, organising fundraising, and helping develop the form culture.

House Captains - 2 per mini-school for each House

Responsibilities include leading house assemblies, attending house meetings and assisting with the organisation of school carnival events and house activities across all domains.

Peer Mediators – selected Year 10 and Year 11 students

These leaders are trained to assist students with dispute resolution.

Additional leadership training and skill development opportunities


Students can also opt into the following programs:

  • Peer Support
  • Interact
  • GRIP leadership
  • World Challenge
  • Youth Summit