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‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’

As outlined by the Department of Education and Training (DET) policy, the School Council is responsible for the educational policies of the college, the use of school buildings, the employment of ancillary staff and all financial matters.

School Councillors collaborate with the principal team, teaching and support staff, to make decisions that help realise the school’s vision, mission, philosophy and values.

They represent groups affected by council policies: parents, teachers, students.

Community members can also be co-opted to lend their expertise to decision making and problem solving.

School Council elections occur in March and are conducted in accordance with DET guidelines.

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The St Helena Secondary College School Council consists of:

  • 5 parent representatives
  • 4 DET representatives
  • Karen Terry – Principal/Executive Officer
  • 2 community representatives
  • 2 student leaders
  • 4 co-opted (non-voting)

The School Council generally meets every fourth Monday of the month.

All school community members are welcome to attend.

Meeting Schedule as per below.

Sub-committees of the School Council include:

  • Resources
  • Education/Student Wellbeing

 School Councillors can be contacted via email:


Ms Karen Terry – DET – Principal

Mr John Fecondo – Community – President

Ms Bianca Schoone – Vice President

Ms Christy Phillips – DET

Mr David Gill – DET

Ms Anna Searman – DET

Mr Christopher Dosser- DET

Ms Jenny Young – Parent

Mr Kelvin Gersh – Parent

Mr Charles Charalambous – Parent

Ms Louise Soklevski– Parent

Mr Jamie Chapman– Parent - Treasurer

Mr Sam Lombardo – Community

Vacant Position - Community

Vacant Position - Community

Elijah Baker - Student

Molly Hodgson - Student




TERM 1 29 January - 5 April
FEBRUARY Monday 18 Feb-19 Resources 6:00pm
College Council 6.30pm
MARCH Monday 4- Mar- 19 Education/Student Wellbeing 6.30pm
Labour Day Monday 11 March
Monday 18- Mar-19 Resources 6.00pm
College Council – changeover 6.30pm
Easter Monday 22 April
TERM 2 23 April - 28 June
MAY Monday 20-May-19  Resources 6.00pm
 College  Council 6.30pm
JUNE Monday 3-Jun-19 Education/Student Wellbeing 6.30pm
Queen’s Birthday  Monday 10 June
Monday 17-Jun-19 Resources 6.00pm
College Council 6.30pm
TERM 3 15 July - 20 Sept
JULY Monday 15-Jul-19 Resources 6.00pm
College Council 6.30pm
AUGUST Monday 19-Aug-19 Resources 6.00pm
College Council 6.30pm
SEPTEMBER Monday 2-Sep-19 Education/Student Wellbeing 6.30pm
Monday 16-Sept-19 Resources 6.00pm
College Council 6.30pm
TERM 4 7 Oct - 20 Dec
OCTOBER Monday 21-Oct-19 Resources 6.00pm
College Council 6.30pm
Monday 28-Oct-19 Education/Student Wellbeing 6:30pm
Melb Cup 5 November
NOVEMBER Monday 18-Nov-19 Resources 6.00pm
College Council 6.30pm
TERM 4 BREAK 21 Dec - 27 Jan 2020


EVENTS - 2019

Also see 'Information>Events' Page for more details




College Showcase Tuesday 19 March 5pm, 6pm & 7pm
College Play - WILDE 29 & 30 March 7.30pm
Music Concert - End of Term 1 Tuesday 2nd April 7.30pm
Music Concert - End of Term 2  

Monday 24 June (Junior/Intermediate)

Tuesday 25 June (Beginner/Senior)

College Production - WICKED


23-26 May, 29 May - 1 June

VIP Night - 30 May

7.30pm & 2.00pm Matinees


Music Concert - End of Term 3 19 September (James Morrison Night)  7.30pm
Art/Technology Exhibition




15 - 18 October




Opening Night 15th Oct 7.30pm

Open Wed 16th, Thurs 17th 9am-4pm

Open Friday 18th 9am - 1pm


Yr 12 Valedictory Fri 18 October
Music Concert - End of year 22 October 7.30pm
Yr 12 Graduation Wed 20 November  
Volunteer Garden Party 11 December  
College Presentation Night Mon 16 December