‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’


Year 7
St Helena is challenging. You’re pushed to be your best.
Sports events are great. You meet new people when you join in. I’ve done football, volleyball and cricket. We all did swimming and athletics.
The transition camp was great too.  We did hut building and a high ropes courses. There were trampolines and a flying fox.
Sport, performing arts and music are my favourite subjects.
We’re encouraged to use our computers a lot.  The stylus is the thing.
There’s lots of ways to earn House points. There was a huge Dodge Ball Tournament last term. Freeman won.
Daring to be Excellent is about pushing yourself. I’m a runner. I came fourth in my race, which wasn’t good enough to progress to the next level of competition but it was a personal best for me – and that’s excellent. I’ll beat that time in the next race too!
It’s not about your score or result, it’s about your personal best.

St Helena Secondary College provides an outstanding holistic education for approx.1,600 students in Eltham North. We combine the best of our traditions with contemporary instructional practice and broad ranging learning opportunities to engage, guide and inspire our students. As a result, they ‘Dare to be Excellent’ and become fulfilled, productive, lifelong learners who are both willing and able to make a valuable community contribution.

Our clear vision and mission inform our daily work and our values define the way we go about it.

We welcome applicants who can align themselves with this endeavour.

Please apply if you are a passionate educator committed to:

  • investing in the personal and academic growth of students; their constant progression along the learning continuum
  • implementing innovative, rigorous personalised learning programs
  • using evidence based pedagogies and data driven interventions
  • leveraging technology to improve student outcomes
  • ongoing professional learning and leadership development
  • responding appropriately to constructive feedback
  • a team approach and active involvement in a Professional Learning Team
  • contributing to our culture of care, inclusion, connectedness and community service

ES Staff applicants who see themselves as positive contributors to educational outcomes are also urged to apply. At St Helena all staff make up the team of professionals seeking to realise our vision for the benefit of students.

At our college you will be:

  • valued for your contribution and professionalism
  • welcomed and supported to meet high expectations
  • involved in decision making and our continual improvement agenda
  • provided with high quality professional development, leadership opportunities and career advancement support
  • invited to express your interests through support of the co-curricular program
  • embraced as a respected community member.

Instructions for Applicants

School based vacancies are managed through the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) Recruitment Online system.


Application Requirements - see below for links

  • Cover sheet: name of applicant, record number (if relevant), home address and contact details, position title and vacancy number
  • CV: a summary of qualifications and experience
  • Response to the selection criteria: up to 7 pages is recommended
  • Referee details: the names and contact details of up to three referees who can provide information regarding the applicant in relation to the key selection criteria.

CRT Information and Registration

Please contact Daily Organiser, with any further enquiries on (03) 9438 8588.

For further detailed information:

School Profile

Vision, Mission and Values


Strategic Plan

College Information Book


The following vacancies are currently advertised on Recruitment Online:


Vacancy Number Time Fraction Teaching Methods Employment Type Closing Date
1198742 1.0 VCE Business Management/Humanities Fixed Term 12 months 28/9/20
1198762 1.0 Maths / Science Fixed Term 12 months 28/9/20
1198865 1.0 VET S & R / PE / Health Ongoing 28/9/20
1198805 1.0 PE / Science Fixed Term 12 months 28/9/20
1198793 1.0 PE/ Health and Human Development Fixed Term 12 months 28/9/20
1198834 0.6 English Fixed Term 6 months 28/9/20


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All applicants must apply via Recruitment on Line (link above) and include the Applicant Cover Sheet (link below) in their application.