The Gaming Tournament “Beat the IT Guy” (The Master) started with wave of excitement.  The library was inundated with gamers willing to try their luck to beat The Master and win a canteen voucher of $10.  The tournament began with Mario Kart 8 multi player (4 players) and the racing was frantic racing on the hardest maps available.  The competition was fierce and the students displayed great respect and sportsmanship for their fellow gamers.

The next challenging game to quench the gamers thirst, was Smash Bros Ultimate.  Unbeknownst to the challenging gamers, The Master has 20 years Smash Bros experience under his belt and it was going to take a gaming genius to beat him.  Spectator turnout was unprecedented, with them all cheering for their favourite gamer to win.

The Master is still currently undefeated and is planning to keep it that way.  More to come…


James Durston

Library Manager

controller 1