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Inaugural Quantum STEM PBL Showcase

Today, 20 year 7 science students accompanied Ms Grabowski (STEM Leader) to the inaugural Quantum STEM PBL Showcase. The students were selected by their teachers to go after completing an investigation into the impact humans are having on the world around us as part of their Ecology Science Unit. Students researched and created prototypes of ways in which we could reduce our impact on the environment. Many projects focussing on what we could do back at school to reduce our ecological footprint.  Our students joined with about 80 students from schools such as Patterson River Secondary College, Maldon Primary School and Kurunjang Primary School to showcase their projects. Investigations ranged from "How to help someone in a 3rd world country", "Building a sustainable chicken coop", "Build a robotic arm" to "Exploring local flora and fauna".  As well as presenting their work to an authentic audience, students heard from a guest speaker, Chloe Hatzis, who spoke to them about her journey from a high school 'arts' student studying dance and drama to where she is now, working in Cyber Security and Law - a career that is STEM based and how emphasised how important those VCE subjects were to developing the kind of thinking required in STEM. Her key message was that life gives us many options and obstacles but also opportunity.  At the conclusion of the day, each school was presented with a certificate of participation. We are proud of the way our students represented the College and hope to be able to host our own showcase in the not too distant future.


Upon returning to the College, I asked students to reflect on this journey (you know before they forget...) .. and here is a snapshot of the valuable contributions we all make to each student everyday ...


thank you for being part of the St Helena team.


To Ms Grabowski,

I really enjoyed the experience today, going to Quantum, presenting our idea, and hearing about others. Thank you so much for taking us, I appreciate it!

I was worried at first when I heard about the project, but once we started, the ideas kept coming and we couldn’t stop. I  was nervous when I first heard that we had been chosen for this excursion. I actually thought that we were going to have to present in front of all these scientists. But I really liked the idea of market stalls, because it made it more casual and there was no pressure, just fun! I saw a lot of interesting projects as I was walking around and I learned a lot. It was good to see everyone’s take on the project. I noticed that some schools did third world countries, some did climate change and some did animals.

My favourite one was some girls from Patterson’s creek who did a toothpaste tablet dispenser. I think it could be really handy because toothpaste isn’t as common there and they might not have enough money, if they are living in poverty.

I love how my groups idea came together. Ruby’s model was amazing and the presentation looked almost professional, especially with the QV thinking frame. We all worked together and it turned out very well!



Ciara Byrne

7E St Helena SC