‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’

At St Helena the purpose of all learning is to produce students who thrive and are fulfilled at each life stage so they can excel and continually realise their potential.

Achieving this requires the right conditions and input.

We believe the best learning conditions are created for students by our:

  • safe, nurturing environment
  • positive teacher/student relationships
  • structures, routines, policies and processes
  • broad ranging opportunities
  • contemporary facilities and access to a range of current digital tools and technologies
  • values and wellbeing education.

The curriculum is:

  • personalised. It caters for the unique interests, needs and preferred learning styles of each child, is relevant, open-ended, involves choice and fosters autonomy.
  • life stage appropriate. It meets the physical, intellectual, emotional and psychological needs of adolescents as they move through the mini-schools.
  • implemented by expert, dedicated teachers who adopt varied contemporary pedagogies.
  • characterised by appropriate challenge and extension, support and scaffolding.
  • enquiry based and interactive. It fosters creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.
  • informed by data analysis, monitoring and effective feedback
  • empowering. Knowledge application, skill acquisition and values for life learning facilitates holistic development.

We support all our students to be and do their best by holding them to a range of expectations.


Daring to be excellent doesn’t just happen. It requires a range of commitments.

To this end we expect and support all our students to:

  • strive for their best in all classes, all work, exams and co-curriculum programs.
  • complete all coursework, school assessed tasks, SACs and examinations on time and to the best of their ability.
  • spend at least the recommended time on homework:

           - Year 7-8, 30-45 mins/day

           - Year 9, 45 minutes/day

           - Year 10, 1-2 hours/day

           - Units 1 & 2, 2 hours/week per subject; up to 6 hours/weekends during peak assessment

           - Units 3 & 4, 3 hours/week per subject; up to 6 hours/weekends during peak assessment

  • spend no more than:

           -  15 hours/week on employment in Years 9 and 10

           - 10 hours/week on employment in VCE

  • independently find a Work Experience placement in Year 10 that aids in the discovery of a possible career pathway
  • abide by the college values and the Student Code of Conduct with good grace
  • treat all community members with respect
  • attend all classes unless ill or for an approved reason
  • represent the college in a positive way when participating in co-curricular activities.


MS students_150dpi
Year 8
We have really nice teachers.
I like art and maths because designing and architecture is where I’m going.
I like to challenge myself and solve problems.
I get to work at my level. Pre-tests guide what that level is.
In STRIVE we learn how to be a team.
STRIVE is relaxing ‘family’ time. We connect and talk. It’s healthy and important.
We do fundraisers to support charities.
We give to meet the needs of others.