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Northern Youth Performing Arts

Mission: To provide a trans formative, industry-standard learning experience to St Helena students and position the college as a state leader in secondary performing arts.

Excellence in performing arts

  • To deliver industry-standard productions
  • To showcase exceptional student talent to community and external audiences
  • To achieve college recognition through awards and other channels
  • To build student pathways to professional training and work

Student capability, leadership and wellbeing

  • To identify, nurture and grow student performance talents and technical skills
  • To foster leadership skills and provide students with opportunities to create and deliver their own work
  • To provide an inclusive, supportive and caring environment

School-wide and community engagement

  • To strengthen cross-curricular links, and involvement of college staff
  • To increase parent engagement
  • To engage alumni students and build an alumni network
  • To develop new community partnerships



What NYPA includes:

Weekly after school performing arts training - Every Monday of the school calendar year students will develop performing arts skills in voice, drama and dance as well as enhance confidence, wellbeing, self esteem and leadership skills. Students across all year levels will work together to stage performances and run workshops at local primary schools, community events and performance seasons at the college. NYPA aims to embed a culture of inclusion, student leadership, peer mentoring and excellence.

The training includes:

  • Alumni-led workshops: Technique training in a variety of styles of dance, voice and theatre such as

Dance: Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway repertoire, Commercial, Strength and Flexibility, Ballet and Tap.

Voice: Commercial, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Song Writing, Music theory.

Theatre: Character Development, Building Confidence, Movement for Actors, Improvisation, Musical Theatre, Comedy and Acting for Screen.

  • Industry incursions with external experts.
  • Learning, rehearsing and performing dynamic shows and running student-led workshops.
  • Students will still have the opportunity to participate in all co-curricular programs in and out of school.


Student-led workshops:

NYPA will connect with the local primary schools offering grade 5 and 6 students an immersive performance and workshop experience aimed at educating engaging students in performing arts. The workshops also aim to foster leadership skills and confidence, promote St Helena Secondary College's rich performing arts programs and develop skills of local young people and support the transition into high school for potential students.


Performance opportunities

NYPA students will have many performance opportunities over the year including presentation nights, college showcase, performing arts fundraisers, community events and many more.


Professional theatre performances

NYPA students will attend professional and amateur theatre performances across terms 1, 2 and 4. Students will attend a variety of shows including Musical theatre, Dance and Theatre shows with Q & A's, theatre tours, workshops with professionals to build performance skills, artistry and understanding of theatrical elements.


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