So another successful Production season has come and gone and what a season it was! For the first time in St Helena history, Wicked was completely sold out even before the opening night! With record numbers, the cast and crew delivered a spectacular performance which really did push the boundaries of a “high school musical”. Audience responses were that they had to keep reminding themselves that this wasn’t a professional production and that they were youth performers on stage! Heads were shaking not because of disapproval but out of disbelief. Tears rolled down most faces by the end of Act 1, and standing ovations were a common occurrence.

Since becoming the Director of this amazing program 7 seasons ago, I have referred to each past season as our “New Low”. I am fiercely determined to continually push ourselves for excellence and provide an experience for everyone involved that mirrors the industry. Well this year we definitely met my expectations.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Wicked this year. The Production is built on community. Without the dedicated support from our friends and families, our production seasons would not be possible. We have all had our ups and downs along the way but I can say with absolute certainty that what we have achieved together was magic. A big-hearted thanks to the following very special people who gave up so much time to make Wicked such as success;


St Helena Staff:

Darianne Willmott - Graphic Designer - Program/Poster/Visual Advertising design, Street Signage, Digital College Displays, Website promotions. Front of House Image printing

Kate Wilson-Mics

Tim Wood-Fulcrum operation and filming

Chris Dossor-Fulcrum operation

Jacquee Dickens-Front of House

Ian Mitchell-Set & Props

David Gill-Trumpet

Patrick Broadbent-Trumpet

Olivia Smith-Reed


Alumni Parents:

Emma Fox-Technical Director

Tanya Blanksby- Set & Props

Michael & Danielle Sterling-Set & Props

Ellen & Andrew Naismith- Set & Props

Kristen Versteege-Brown-Costume

Jackie Ellis-Costume

Simone Mitchell-Costume


Alumni Students;

Thomas Gerasimidis-Assistant Technical Director

Josh Bliss-Sound Design

Jenny Mitchell-Assistant Stage Manager

Simon Gallagher-Lighting Programming

Trent Ramsey-Lighting Programming

Dylan Bowden-Sound Operator

Luke Jackson-Lighting Programming

Scott Franceschini-Animation

Tyler Cahill-Guitar

Scott Pilkington-Reed 3

James Ludwick-Trombone

Samuel Bliss-Keyboard 2

Daniel Marcantonio-Keyboard 1

Jordyn Versteege-Brown-Costume

Caleb Beilharz-Trumpet 2

Nathaniel Ryan-Lighting

Kareena Dhaliwal-Lighting



Matthew Scott-Set Designer & Head of Set

Phil Thomson-Set & Props

Rohan Pascoe-Set & Props

Angelique Ethers Lockwood-Photography

Travis Mason-Set & Props

John Fanceschini-Set & Props

Steven Hawker-Rigging Advice

Tracey Scott-Set & Props

Karen Pascoe-Set & Props

Karen Franceschini-Set & Props

Tracey Williams-Wardrobe Assistant

Jo James-Costume

Joanna Mole-Costume

Peta Cockburn-Costume

Michelle Sier-Costume

Justine Moore-Costume

Tanya Stewart-Front of House

Monica Espinoza Front of House

Marylouise & Jamie Chapman Front of House

Anna and Fab Picciani-Printer of Program & Posters and WICKED pop up Sign Front of House


I would also like to thank once more the St Helena dream team that has been there with me the entire way. Nicholas Barca, Sue Whiffin, Kieran McNair, Cathie Murphy and Greta Georgiou. You are all far more than colleagues, you are dear friends and such inspiring members of the production family. Thank you so much for all your tireless work and for inspiring our students.

I would like to thank the amazing Year 12 cast and crew. You have all made such an incredible impact here at St Helena Secondary College. You have inspired not only students for many years to come but have also left a legacy of complete dedication, passion, leadership and professionalism. Thank you to no end and all the best for a bright future ahead.


Christopher Hewitt