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Year 7
St Helena is challenging. You’re pushed to be your best.
Sports events are great. You meet new people when you join in. I’ve done football, volleyball and cricket. We all did swimming and athletics.
The transition camp was great too.  We did hut building and a high ropes courses. There were trampolines and a flying fox.
Sport, performing arts and music are my favourite subjects.
We’re encouraged to use our computers a lot.  The stylus is the thing.
There’s lots of ways to earn House points. There was a huge Dodge Ball Tournament last term. Freeman won.
Daring to be Excellent is about pushing yourself. I’m a runner. I came fourth in my race, which wasn’t good enough to progress to the next level of competition but it was a personal best for me – and that’s excellent. I’ll beat that time in the next race too!
It’s not about your score or result, it’s about your personal best.

The St Helena Sports Academy aims to develop skills in our students that will encourage lifelong learning, allowing them to connect and interact with the real world as active and responsible global citizens. Upon completion of the program students will not only have developed as an athlete, but as a well-rounded individual with options, dignity and purpose. St Helena Secondary College is pleased to offer the following academy programs to our students:



Students involved in the academy programs will participate in four sessions per fortnight, held before school hours. This is a co-curricular program that is additional to the standard curriculum program. The sessions will focus on:

  • Technical Skill Development
  • Tactical and Strategic Development
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Match Preparation
  • Recovery

To apply for the 2020 Sports Academy, please complete the following forms and submit them electronically to or hand them into Shaun Bowes in the PE office by 3pm September 6th.

2020 Application Form - click here

If you have any questions regarding the Sports Academy, please contact Mr Shaun Bowes  (Sport Coordinator – Sports Academy) on 9438 8500 or