‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’

SHSC Full Colour Houses


House System/Community Engagement

The House System is a foundation tradition that over the school’s history has been a highly effective way to foster student wellbeing, social growth and school connectedness.

In 2013/14 a comprehensive consultative review of the system led by a dedicated committee of students and staff resulted in the establishment of four new Houses in 2015.

Banjo Logo Motto


Named for the great Australian bush poet, Banjo Paterson

Color: Orange – the name of Paterson’s birthplace

Legacy: creativity, determination, success

Mascot: Brumby – strength and freedom

Motto: “Stand together. We are united.”

Charity: Beyond Blue

Patron: Jenny Heathcote

Freeman Logo Motto


Named for great Australian Olympian, Cathy Freeman

Color: Red – connecting indigenous and modern

Legacy: speed, strength, life, love, standing out from the pack

Mascot: Peregrine Falcon – powerful, determined, focused, success,                      victory, rising above

Motto: “Together we soar to victory.”

Charity: Autism Spectrum Australia

Patron: Anesti Anestis

Jackman Logo Motto


Named for the great Australian performing artist, Hugh

Color: Blue – loyalty, wisdom

Legacy: confidence, intelligence, faith, integrity

Mascot: Wolf - strength, nobility, loyalty, familial tie (also for
Jackman’s wolverine role

Motto: “Brave in our actions, selfless in our approach.”

Charity: Fred Hollow’s Foundation        

Patron: Karen Terry

Stynes Logo Motto


Named for the great Irish born Australian football player,
administrator, philanthropist, charity worker and writer,
Jim Stynes

Color: Purple – a combination Melbourne Football Club’s red and
blue; ambition, power, independence

Legacy: success, virtue, courage, overcoming

Mascot: Shark – forward moving, master of survival, symbol of life, power, instinct

Motto: “With strength and unity we build champions.”

Charity: The Royal Children’s Hospital

Patron:   John Ballagh



All students and staff are ‘life’ members of: Banjo, Jackman, Freeman or Stynes.

Siblings belong to the same House

House charity choices are reviewed annually

House Points are attributed through:

  • college representation at sport or extra-curricular activities
  • earning ‘Merit’ points for demonstrating the school values: Respect, Responsibility, Personal Best. These are awarded by teachers.
  • House event participation

House Leaders lead their members at inter-house competitions and plan the annual House Day

House Day

  • an annual student led competitive event held early in Term 1 to foster House spirit and school connectedness through non-sport activities
  • each year level participates in House competition for a period each on the day
  • competition includes: spelling challenge, Trivia, Maths challenge and a scavenger hunt
  • sale of cupcakes and sausages at recess/lunchtime to raise funds for the House charities

The House Cup is presented in October each year on the last day for Year 12 students

The school donates an additional $500 to the winning House’s charity

Typical Fundraising Purposes and Activities

Good Friday Appeal

  • Held annually in Term 1
  • Typically, free dress days, raffles, cake stalls and sausage sizzles are organised
  • We have featured in the TV Appeal coverage
  • In 2014 over $8,000 was raised
  • In 2015-16 over $2,500 was raised each year

YGAP 5c Campaign, 2013-2014

  • STRIVE groups were challenged to donate coins
  • In 2014 we donated more than 100kg of coins which totaled almost $5000. 
  • YGAP noted that this was the highest amount raised by any school in Australia.

Cancer research

  • We raise money for cancer research most years.
  • We have run crazy hair days and raised over $2000.

Wear it Purple Day

  • Students wear purple to school to raise awareness for students’ rights to thrive regardless of their sex, sexuality, or gender identity.  Purple donuts are sold to help raise funds.

Maddie Riewaldt’s Vision (MRV)

  • In 2016, $2,000 was raised to help adolescents and young adults suffering from Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes.
  • The funds went toward cure research, providing support for treatments and disease prevention.
  • Students paid a fee to come to school wearing the colors of Footy Codes

 Disadvantaged Scholars Fund

  • Initiated by the 2016 Service Captains, this fund helps disadvantaged students at St Helena Secondary College access the learning resources and opportunities otherwise beyond them.

R U OK? Day

  • In 2016 students could buy two hot drinks for the price of one so the second could be offered to someone along with an enquiry about their wellbeing.

Disaster Relief

  • In 2015 the school raised over $4000 to help those effected by the earthquakes in Nepal.
  • Students aimed to fill a giant money box with gold coins over 4 weeks.

State Schools Relief

An out-of-uniform day is held annually for the collection of gold coin donations toward the provision of essential school items for Victorian students in need of support.