‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’


The St Helena Library page and others linked to this page are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION


St Helena Secondary College library is in the lower wing of the admin building. The library is an important hub of the school and is always a busy place for students and staff. Our Library is a large learning space, which encompasses three teaching and learning spaces, a reading area, together with many private study points. The IT department is also located in the library, and both work collaboratively to provide comprehensive resources and services to the college. Library opening hours start before school, recess/lunch, and afterschool.

Here in the Library we endeavour to provide academic and pastoral care to all our students.

Library Resources:

  • Collections – non-fiction, fiction, teacher reference, professional development.
  • Reference section – World Book Encyclopedias, subject area encyclopedias, dictionaries
  • Newspapers online – school and home access 24/7
  • Databases – Information databases via LOGIN.
  • Support materials for teachers/students – curriculum texts, posters
  • Reading area – class reading sessions and relax reading.
  • Library catalogue system…including TV4ED educational video database.
  • ClickView – unlimited access to complete video library.
  • Cameras/tripods – And other equipment
  • Board games - chess, backgammon, and card games.


The library promotes resources and services via face to face and online. Here at “Library - St Helena” we see these two modes of learning and communication, as a comprehensive approach to deliver to the needs of our school community.