‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’

This positive wellbeing program, established in 2016, runs every Tuesday period 2, for 75 minutes.

The program was named by the students following an extensive consultative process.

The explicit, sequential Years 7-12 program focuses on three inter-related areas:

  • Career Education
  • Positivity Education
  • Learning Behaviours

The structured age and stage appropriate activities allow young people to explore who they are, who they can be, how to be their best and how to make their preferred futures happen.

Through the program students:

  • develop excellent learning and work decision skills
  • learn organisation and time management skills
  • build resilience and positive habits
  • discover their character strengths
  • benefit from values education
  • explore ways to enhance their wellbeing
  • strengthen their relationships
  • learn to deal with challenges and disappointments
  • are challenged to live purposefully and meaningfully
  • are motivated to make positive community contributions
  • acquire knowledge around pathway options and career planning
  • develop job seeking, work related and networking skills
  • appreciate the value of continually daring to excel in all aspects of life.

Students will routinely:

  • reflect on their academic and personal growth journeys
  • draw conclusions that inform action; the next steps
  • set clear and measurable goals
  • develop strategies for success
  • monitor progress
  • evaluate and celebrate outcomes.

This helps produce responsible, autonomous and well-rounded lifelong learners.

Program features:

  • As far as possible STRIVE mentors teach their STRIVE group.
  • STRIVE mentors guide and support the personal and academic growth of each student in their cohort.
  • Student learning progress is documented on Compass and One Note for parents to see.
  • STRIVE parent/student/teacher conferences are further occasions for student learning review and celebration. They occur twice yearly.
  • All staff have undertaken extensive professional development and training in Positive Education to facilitate expert program delivery.

STRIVE mentors are students’ first point of contact for assistance with personal and academic issues.

Activities and Programs

A number of external agencies provide support for the STRIVE curriculum.

Typically, services are provided by:

  • The Reach Foundation - resilience and motivation
  • Good Samaritan Inn - respectful relationships
  • The Resilience Project - building emotional intelligence and mental health
  • Elevate - study skills
  • Keys Please - driver’s skills
  • Safe partying - risk management
  • DET Cybersafety in Schools
Student in class1