‘Every person, every classroom, every day.’

Wellbeing impinges on the ability of students to learn, progress and be their best.

While all our staff are alert to and provide for the wellbeing needs of our students, our strong Wellbeing team offers a range of services to help students and families with issues of concern to them.  These qualified and skilled professionals can be accessed by students and parents as required by appointment: T 9438 8500  E st.helena.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au

They are located  in the Wellbeing Centre.


We are a community in which a sense of affiliation and connectedness flourishes. Care, inclusion and friendship characterises our history and our culture, and are central tenets of our educational philosophy.  It also inspires our service ethic; the imperative to address the needs of and enrich others.


At St Helena we are intentional about fostering care both formally and informally as we know that effective learning relies on a sense of wellbeing, healthy self-esteem and trusting relationships. It creates the conditions that enable students to take learning risks and to Dare to be Excellent.


The formal wellbeing program is guided by the conceptual framework of Positive Psychology implemented through STRIVE. This empowering program, supports students in the identification of their character strengths and provides strategies for managing difficulties that confront them in their academic, social or personal lives. The hope, optimism and positive change practices students are exposed to routinely translate into improved attitudes and outcomes, increased resilience and a bright outlook.


We are grateful to all community members for perpetuating our caring culture - the respectful and positive relationships that foster open communication and our safe, happy learning environment.


Student Wellbeing Leaders

Jenny Heathcote, Middle Years Associate Principal, St Helena Child Safety Officer

Mahe Castles, Leading Teacher in Charge of Student Wellbeing & Positivity

Jenny and Mahe oversee the student wellbeing program.

As the Child Safety Officer, Jenny can be contacted by students, staff, contractors or volunteers who need to raise or report issues in relation to any form of child abuse.

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Student Wellbeing Managers

Anna Shearman, Wellbeing Manager Middle Years (7-9)

Rachel Weiss, Wellbeing Manager Senior Years (10-12)

The Student Wellbeing Managers work with students, staff and parents to foster the college culture of safety and wellbeing. They provide wellbeing support and address issues with students that interfere with their wellbeing, their learning or a positive school experience. They case manage students with complex wellbeing needs, listening to concerns and providing strategies to address them. Their role is also to provide referrals to allied health professionals on the Wellbeing team as appropriate. The Student Wellbeing Managers are a great resource to students, parents, staff and the college leadership.



Paul Worsnop offers pastoral care and support to St Helena students and families.  His work includes:

  • meeting and working 1:1 with newly enrolled students, assisting in their transition to the school
  • receiving requests and assisting with financial hardship issues
  • welcoming community members to school with toasties on Tuesday mornings
  • providing grief counselling and conducting home visits to extend support
  • running wellbeing programs on a needs basis such as:

          -          Seasons (Grief and Loss Program)

          -          Confident Kids (social skills)

          -          Rock and Water (conflict management)

  • running opt-in lunchtime programs that foster student connectedness including:

          -          board games

          -          scouting

          -          X-Factor

          -          Senior Lounge

          -          ‘Mustard’, a discussion group for Christian students.

Educational Psychologists

St Helena has the services of two Educational Psychologists twice a week.

Denise Young and Natasha Stoilov undertake educational assessments and work short term with students on specific wellbeing issues.

External Agencies

We have positive relationships with personnel at a number of external agencies.  Some of these provide an on-site service for our students.

Referrals to agencies such as the Berry Street Family Services and Heads Space Greensborough, are made through the Student Wellbeing Managers.

OnPsych psychology services are also available at the school with a GP referral.

Accessing Support

Please access wellbeing support through the following:

Step 1:  Contact Strive teacher or Year level Manager


Financial Hardship

Family financial hardship that impacts a student’s access to education can be directed to Business Manager, Angela Campbell. In consultation with the chaplain, Paul Worsnop and/or the principal options will be discussed. This will occur in a sensitive manner and confidentiality will be maintained.


Concerns or complaints in relation to a student’s wellbeing or the Wellbeing Program can be directed in the first instance to Jenny Heathcote.  T: 9438 8500    E: jhe@sthelena.vic.edu.au